Smooth Start to Terminal Expansion Project

The Fredericton International Airport’s ambitious renovations got underway in May, kicking off one of the biggest projects in our history.

This major terminal expansion is possible thanks to our partners, the Government of Canada and the Province of New Brunswick. The Fredericton International Airport Authority, a not-for-profit organization with a record of sound financial management, is the largest funder of the project. The FIAA will cover 40 per cent of costs, with government generously contributing the rest.

Thanks also to our passengers and visitors, whose cooperation has helped for a smooth transition as we’ve temporarily relocated check-in, car rentals, and parking during Phase 1 of construction.

Inside the terminal, it’s business as usual here at YFC. Facilities and services such as the cafe and security are open and ready to serve you. And our flight schedules are unaffected. In fact, we’ve recently expanded your options for connections and same-day travel to Toronto, as WestJet now offers an earlier direct daily morning flight.

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